R.J. Hull's Freelance Writing and Artistry


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Writing and Editing Services

High-quality, dependable, and trustworthy writing and editing skills.

Writing and/or editing for all your needs at affordable rates.

You will speak directly with R.J. Hull, be frequently informed, and personally approve every word. 
  1. From the Ground Up
    From the Ground Up
    Eiffel Tower
  2. Finger of God
    Finger of God
  3. Ship at Sea
    Ship at Sea
 Artistry Services 

Drawing and Painting

Attractive renditions of still life, landscapes, and architecture sketched with pencils or painted in acryllics or watercolor upon request.  

Still Life



Your favorite flowers, animals, and inanimate objects in black and white sketches, colorful acryllics, or whimsical watercolors.
Beautiful sceneries in the medium of choice. 
Drawings and paintings of famous architecture, as well as less-known buildings.

Inspired Characters

Drawings inspired by or depicting beloved animated characters.